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Maleny Rangers Football Academy

The Maleny Rangers Football Academy, delivered by K3 Coaching was established in 2017 with the key aim to raise the football standard of all teams and the general football culture of the club.   It continues  each season for  all junior and youth players having access to the academy sessions delivered once a week throughout the season as part of their club membership fee.

The football academy primarily focuses on all players up to 17 years of age at the club. It is important the academy be seen as part of the club’s holistic approach to providing a pathway for all players from junior to senior football at Maleny Rangers Football Club. The other important role of the football academy is to draw attention to the club and attract new players from across the zone.

The football academy encourages participation by all team coaches and their teams so as to impart experience and knowledge to this group and encourage a cross-pollination and engagement between coaches, Marquee Players and juniors.

For more information please contact one of our coaching directors.

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